Life can be prosperous with proper networking

The rapidly growing trend of digital media has been leaving a profound impacts on every aspect of our lives. Existing businesses and professions are being rapidly shifted to digital media, even many new business and many professional career fields already have been introduced new techniques and methodologies of digital media to boost their respective businesses for speedy earnings.
This is the internationally recognized fact that business can be flourished with proper interaction, networking and effective marketing.
Presently we are witnessing that what are the professions, the intervention of digital media is going on with various dimensions in each sector either it is traditional journalism, the field of commerce, freelancing or multimedia content production.
So, the organized and effective networking among people in these fields not only helps in improving professional skills but also opens up avenues for economic prosperity through mutual connectivity.
Digital Media Joint Network (DMJN) initiates such efforts to bring together digital media professionals on one platform and organizes hands-on multifaceted programs to improve their lives.

Our Vision

Our aim is to create an organized and effective community of digital media professionals to search the solutions of digital media issues and to introduce development projects for their betterment.

Our Mission

To create a comprehensive and extensive network for digital media professionals to solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Aims and Objectives

Influential Network

To Introduce our digital media community as a Pakistan's largest and most influential network

Increase in Income

To provide technical support to our members in increasing their income through effective use of digital media

Provision of Education

To ensure the provision of modernized education for digital media community

Health Services

To establish an organized health care services system for the members of digital media community

Residential Facilities

To initiate steps to provide better residential facilities to the members and their families

Training Programs

To organize training programs at national and international level to improve the professional skills of the community’s members

Recreational Activities

To organize recreational events and activities for the families of the members


To conducting various professional competitions to hone the skills of community’s members